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This paper will focus on women and their opportunities to work and earn a living in Stockholm in about 1650–1750. Within this area of her research, Ling has mainly been interested in women's work-related applications and complaints to the city authorities and the Board of Trade. Women and men did not have the same formal rights to run businesses and trade. Yet the early modern capital is characterised by wives who sold bread and fruit, fish and meat from sheds and baskets, brokered clothes, distilled spirits and kept taverns - and vigorously argued for their right to support themselves and their families. So far, the results from this research have been published in Swedish in the monograph Konsten att försörja sig – kvinnors arbete I Stockholm 1650–1750/ The Art of Earning a Living – Women's Work in Stockholm 1650-1750(Stockholmia, Stockholm 2016)

Dr Sofia Ling is an Associate Professor of History and Project Coordinator of the research and digitisation project Gender and Work (GAW) at the Department of History at Uppsala University in Sweden. In 2004 she defended her dissertation Old Wives' Remedies And Science: Physicians And So-Called Quacks In Sweden, 1770 To 1870. Since then, her research has revolved around issues of gender and work in Sweden. In recent years her focus has been on the capital, Stockholm, and early modern times. 

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