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The Shock of the Record: Archives and Truth

These seminars will address issues around the critical importance of safeguarding records- be they archives, modern and digital records, or social media- as evidence of activity, decisions, strategy, etc.  The seminars will show that such information encourages understanding of the skills needed to interpret evidence and equip us to analyse data, as well as encouraging a recognition of the importance of the record.

Thursdays evenings- times may vary
Amanda Engineer (BRA), Serena Kelly (Schroders), Richard Ovenden( Bodleian Librarian), Alice Prochaska (Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission), Jean Seaton (University of Westminster), Julia Sheppard (BRA), David Thomas (University of Northumbria), Sarah Tyacke (J B Harley Research Fellowship Trust) and Jane Winters (School of Advanced Study).

About the Seminar

This British Records Association run series will address issues arising from current scepticism of facts and evidence.  Archives and records do not necessarily equate to truth but are essential building blocks for the interpretation and understanding of events.

The webinars are intended to encourage new audiences to develop an understanding of the information they encounter and ways in which to question and challenge it. They are designed to widen knowledge of archives and records, including those held outside traditional institutions. A major objective is to break down real or perceived obstacles to research.
This in turn will enable previously unwritten histories to emerge, allowing a wider diverse community to appreciate its place in the world. 

Speakers from a variety of backgrounds including activist and community archives will take part: panels will be arranged with a view to diversity of experience and inclusivity. Topics to be covered include: Why archives matter; who creates the record and why; radical approaches- archive creation under oppressive regimes; threats to the record; limits of the record; future of the record and record keepers.

Members from the British Records Association Advocacy of Archives Group act as Convenors for this seminars.

You can contact the seminar convenors via email

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