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Ella Jeffreys

Scouloudi Fellow, 2019-20

Ella Jeffreys is a Doctoral Researcher in the Department of History at SOAS. Her PhD thesis, ‘War People: A Cultural History of Violence among the Fante Asafo Companies c.1700-1950’, explores the relationship between violence, identity, and social change on the coast of what is now Ghana’s Central Region.


Ella's research

Before undertaking the PhD, Ella completed an MSc in African Studies at the University of Oxford, where she was awarded the ORISHA Scholarship and the Anthony Kirk-Green Prize for highest overall performance.

Ella also holds a PGCE in Secondary History Education, and previously worked as a teacher in North London. These two paths hold equal weight in the research interests and passions which inform Ella’s work.

Alongside broader historical themes such as society and culture in colonial West Africa, Ella has a particular interest in the ways that history is remembered and taught, both within the communities on which her research focuses, and in the education sector in the UK.