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Jane Macrae Campbell

Scouloudi Fellow

Jane is a final year PhD student at the University of York. Her thesis, 'Imagining Empire: An Ancient and Feudal ‘New World’, 1617-1720', examines unrealised or partially-realised colonial plans stemming from the British Isles in the early seventeenth to early eighteenth centuries. 

Jane's research

Jane's central argument is that the study of unrealised or short-lived colonial projects and the social, spatial and material practices described within them is essential to our understanding of early modern colonialism and imperialism. Taking a socio-cultural approach to these understudied projects reveals the formative and enduring role of personal fantasy, desire, history and myth in colonial plans.

Before starting as a Scouloudi Fellow at the IHR, Jane's research was generously funded by the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities. She has an English and Philosophy MA Joint Hons from the University of St Andrews and an MA History from the University of Exeter. 


‘Sir Balthazar Gerbier’s utopian dreams of the New World’ in Jenny Mander, David Midgley and Maya Feile Tomes (eds.), Transnational perspectives on the conquest and colonization of Latin America (Routledge, 2019), 23-34.

‘Dress, Ideology and Wishful Thinking: the regulation and control of clothing in early modern English utopian texts, 1516-1654’. Utopia and Fashion Special Issue, Utopian Studies 28:3 (2017).